John Hughes & The Very Loud Reading Group

We got it on > January 23. Took up a semi circle once a month, bookmarked with a black suitcase and a bad back. A broken zip. Our stage? The top floor of a tower block classroom. Heating: turned ON. In February we take over the grey carpet spiral of a university lecture theatre. Just for one day. April slides up to March and we find ourselves locked inside the back room of a converted pub. Together. Smelling of paint, not beer. Mixing. Working our way through a hard to find, obscure, 1971 music education text.

Video Credits: Simon Rattigan (Footage, Film & Sound Editing, Direction), Jenna Collins (Editing and Direction), Jalia Pud, Sayuri Ichikawa (Additional Footage). 

The Very Loud Reading Group took place at Kingston School of Art BA Fine Art department at the start of 2023. Led by John Hughes the group consisted of: Oliver Kettles, Finnur Jokulsson, Iris Murray, George Stokes, Oliver Page, Sid Dipasca, Ellie Hughes, Jalia Pud, Sayuri Ichikawa, Luke Tout, Max Lystor, Isabel Clarke, Tania Pourashraf, Saskia Frank, Maya Griffiths, Lucy Carter and Anna Filtzinger. 

The group worked through the exercises laid out in Terence Dwyer’s iconic music education text Composing With Tape Recorders (1971) using voice, text, song, sound foley, synthesiser, improvisation, body and a bucket of water. 

The original 1971 Composing With Tape Recorders text will be re-published by JOAN (2023) in conjunction with Oxford University Press, including a new introduction by Sarah Angliss and a visual afterword by Mandy Ure.