Using share screen in new calls with myself (performance recalibration)
Alice Gale-Feeny (2021)

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Using share screen in new calls with myself (performance recalibration)
Alice Gale-Feeny (2021)

Edited by Alice Gale-Feeny. Performances and writing included by Manuela Albrecht, Svenja Buehl, Michaela Gerussi and Alice Gale-Feeny.


‘Using share screen in new calls with myself (performance recalibration)’ is thirty minutes long. About the length of the performance practice ‘Begin in the Middle (Neither Me nor the Bucket)’ (2021). It is a work that uses recursion as a method of writing and re-writing a framework for being with objects, and with each other.

Recursion is about addition and recalibration. New knowledge destroys a previous model, and writes a new one. 'Speaking through events creates new starting points'.

Through a practice with objects, the work asks what becomes of us as we practice writing about and with, a series of containers, that we spill in and out of.

I wanted to work on a series of live screen recordings where I (re)compose a series of videos that were made to accompany the performance 'Begin in the Middle (Neither Me nor the Bucket)', as well as retrieving earlier recordings from the studio when the work began on my own body, working solo. I bring the live performance documentation next to the videos - creating loops within loops, densifying a practice that is already about the emergence of material between bodies objects and voices - and I am testing how they operate in a flattened compositional space of the screen. Trying to broaden that space to include my own body when editing.

In the original performance we were dealing with edges and boundaries. But edges and boundaries mean different things in the context of the online space; within screen(s).

I am also dealing in some way, with an archive of live performance documentation. I’m trying to think through what an online ACT may be in relation to the multiple time periods in which these documents span, and the editing process itself; looking at multiple videos at once as a form of accumulation and recalibration, asking what 'forms' emerge when I do this.


Alice Gale-Feeny is an artist and writer working with performance, dance, facilitation and video. She is interested in devising frameworks for emergent processes to take place; where language and material form, construct and transform realities and build fictions, leading towards live outcomes that continue to recalibrate through their presentation. She draws from perspectives within the fields of New Materialism, Posthumanism, Somatics and Semiotics to think through bodily and linguistic relations.

Her most recent performance ‘Begin in the Middle (Neither Me nor the Bucket)’ was presented at Seventeen, London in August 2021 on the invitation of David Hoyland, as part of Performance Exchange, curated by Rose LeJeune. Alice is a Lecturer in Ba Fine Art at Kingston School of Art. She lives and works in London.

Performers in ‘Using share screen in new calls with myself (performance recalibration)’
Manuela Albrecht @manualbrecht
Michaela Gerussi: @mgerussi
Svenja Buehl: @svenjabuhl

Animated still from Cymbeline (2020) Stephen Sutcliffe