11/03/10    Cosey Fanni Tutti + Andrew Wheatley

Legendary performer and musician with COUM Transmissions, Throbbing Gristle, and Chris & Cosey in conversation with Andrew Wheatley (Cabinet Gallery)

Publication: ISBN 0956378218


18/03/10    David Burrows, Andy Sharp + John Cussans

David Burrows (Plastique Fantastique, Andy Sharp (English Heretic) and John Cussans (Artist & Writer)discuss art and non-conformist magick, chaos magic, ritual and performance, creative occultism, and schizo-analysis in relation to their own work and that of other artists such as the Surrealists, William Burroughs, Robert Smithson and Austin Osman Spare.

Publication: ISBN 0956378226


25/03/10    Chad McCail + Esther Leslie

Chad McCail (artist) and Esther Leslie (theorist) on visualized utopias, idealistic collectivist visions of freedom and equality, the authoritarian nature of propaganda, the links between sexual repression, violence and obedience, and the psychoanalytic theories of Wilhelm Reich.

Publication: ISBN 0956378234


01/04/10    Anthony Davies, Benedict Seymour + Ian Hunt

Anthony Davies (writer & organiser), Benedict Seymour (Frieze & Mute) chaired by Ian Hunt (art critic) discuss art and its links to finance in the context of global economic meltdown: corporate sponsorship, speculative investment, and the un-productive forces of capital.

Publication: ISBN 0956378200